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Decorate (or teach yourself the Burmese alphabet!) with these old school Burmese chalkboards. Made in Mon state, Myanmar.  

“Is the power back? (Mi La Lar?)  This is a common expression in Myanmar (and it can double as a delicate jab at the ones responsible for the poor infrastructure causing such power outages). Get yourself a Mi La Lar tee shirt and support social power to women led-projects for Myanmar. We know women can…

Button up shirt made with Inlay cotton from Shan State. Designed in Myanmar.

A6 Postcards on cardstock. Watercolor designs from a Myanmar artist.

This design was made for us by one of the women artists in our collective.
The full set includes 7 postcards depicting street markets, teashop culture, and several well-known sites in Myanmar.

Christmas nativity sets, fitted into teakwood boxes.