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Designed by Aung Soe Moe (Black Design)

Button up shirt made with Inlay cotton from Shan State. Designed in Myanmar.


This poster was made in commemoration of the third anniversary of Myanmar’s Civil Disobedience Movement.

Designer: Aung Soe Moe (Black Design)

International Women’s Day in Myanmar, 2021.

Protests were happening daily during this time as civilians went on strike and demonstrated against the military’s attempted coup.

“Is the power back? (Mi La Lar?)  This is a common expression in Myanmar (and it can double as a delicate jab at the ones responsible for the poor infrastructure causing such power outages). Get yourself a Mi La Lar tee shirt and support social power to women led-projects for Myanmar. We know women can…

“Let’s Bang Pots!”

Designed by Aung Soe Moe
Available in A3 size.

Visit historic Bagan in your free time with this fun touring board game, featuring famous sites and activities in Bagan. Nothing beats the real place, but this game is a fun nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Bagan Journey was designed in Myanmar. This version of is in Burmese language (if you don’t read Burmese, you’ll need GoogleLens to help you play!).

“Bang Pots” represents Myanmar women’s resistance to dictatorship. Design by KueCool. 5 x 5 in Postcard    

Made in MaeSot using batik fabrics. These bunting strings contain 11 triangles of fabric. They measure just under 2 meters long.

Unbloodied but Unbowed: a booklet of art and as-told-to stories from Myanmar.

Made in Myanmar using Inlay cotton.
Available in Black or Brown.
Sizes: S – XL

Myanmar style bookmarks with matching stickers.
Bookmarks have been made with plastic lamination for longevity in damp conditions.

Decorate (or teach yourself the Burmese alphabet!) with these old school Burmese chalkboards. Made in Mon state, Myanmar.  

These ornaments are a collaborative product from our collective! Stitched by Rise + Shine, and finished for hanging by Ma Chu + Ko Thet. These are handmade with Inlay cotton backing and finished with lacquered bamboo pieces and string made from coconut fibre. Each ornament is handstitched, so there will be slight variation from one…

Christmas nativity sets, fitted into teakwood boxes.

These designs were hand-stitched onto soft Inlay Cotton.

Measures 40 cm x 40 cm.

Does not include pillow insert.