About Our Collective

Learn a little bit more about the people and the passion behind the products in our collective.

Due to the violent military rule inside Myanmar, we cannot name every group in the collective at this time–but we are confident that one day this will change.

Rise + Shine Clothing

Rise + Shine is led by a Myanmar seamstress. She had planned to launch Rise + Shine on February 1, 2021, but as it turns out, the Myanmar military staged a coup on that day, and her opening day was ruined. We now have the privilege of sharing R+S apparel and accessories with you–all of which are made using quality Myanmar cotton.

Bamboo Craft Artisans

Ko Moe Gyi and Ma Khaing were targeted by the military regime for their humanitarian relief work, and were eventually forced to flee Myanmar. They now create handicrafts for the collective in order to support their family, and dream of returning one day to help rebuild their country. Watch the video below to hear from them in their own words.

RadGram – The Radical Grandma Collective

The women from RadGram are honored Thai members of our collective!

Radical Grandma Collective (RadGram) is an international and intergenerational solidarity effort supporting environmental justice activists in Northeast Thailand. Their story begins in Na Nong Bong, where weaving has funded the fight for reparations in the wake of a devastating legacy of gold mining. Today, their impact expands beyond to support other Thai human rights defenders and connect students with environmental justice movements.

Ma Chu & Ko Thet

Before the 2021 military coup, Ko Thet and Ma Chu were running a t-shirt printing shop in Myanmar. When the coup took place, they actively protested the dictatorship. After the coup, Ma Chu’s family was deeply involved in supporting civil disobedience movement staff, providing medical supplies to protesters and burying fallen martyrs. The army wanted to arrest Ma Chu’s family, so they had to flee Myanmar. Their businesses were destroyed and sealed off. Now Ko Thet and Ma Chu work on these handicrafts to support their families and to support Myanmar. To order custom work from them directly, contact their page here.

Myanmar Protest Artists

Golden Land Solidarity is pleased to work with a number of Myanmar artists. Many have to remain anonymous or work with pseudonyms for their safety. They create and share their work in order to support fundraising efforts, always in defiance of military rule in Myanmar.

We’re proud to support them and look forward to the day they can live freely and safely.

Myanmar Apparel & Textiles

Some of our collective members work on designs from inside Myanmar, using Inlay cotton and other quality fabrics from Myanmar. Due to the worsening economic conditions inside the country, they are more dependent than ever on sales income from outside of Myanmar.

It’s our hope that Golden Land Solidarity Collective can contribute to job stability for people inside Myanmar; every clothing and textile purchase does just that!